In 2023, the consortium launched a second year of education project in Congo and Burundi to support orphaned children and prepare them for future life. Every year we distribute school kits to children consisting of notebooks, uniform, a pair of shoes, briefcase, pens, notebook covers, toilet paper, math boxes , latte and pens/pencils. We also pay school fees and provide ongoing supervision to school children to ensure their progress. At the end of their results we report that 4 children received their state secondary school diploma in 2023 and were replaced. In response to the increased demand for assistance to graduating children, we are seeking additional donations to support these children. Note that after evaluation of this project, we noted the relative challenges in particular: insufficient school tools (uniform, notebooks, book, pen, shoes, briefcases), insufficient numbers of beneficiaries compared to the waiting number because every year the number of orphans increases day by day following the insecurity which persists in these host countries. The challenges linked to the lack of adaptation in the school environment: lack of tutoring, malnutrition and illness. The consortium has defined strategies to overcome these challenges and wishes to improve its support for school children in the future.