Peace and Conflict Reconciliation

During 2023 the consortium carried out four awareness sessions for community leaders on civic education and good local governance in Uvira / DR Congo, the country which was preparing elections for the same year. Also in this country we have carried out training workshops for members of civil society on civic and electoral education with the main theme "Evolution on the electoral process in the city of Uvira : The advances and challenges encountered" those responsible and Delegates from non-profit human rights associations were trained in this regard. At the end of the workshop, the participants noted some advances and challenges on the evolution of the electoral process in the DRC in general and in the city of Uvira . We had set up a peace club in Gitega/Burundi which is made up of young people to discuss certain issues related to peace in the African Great Lakes region. In areas where there are intercommunity and ethnic conflicts, particularly in Bukavu and Fizi , we have organized training workshops on active non-violence and led an awareness workshop for two rival communities ( Babembe and Banyamulenge) on the role of music for peace. At the end of this workshop, a peace music club is set up in this area to unite the two communities. Note that both parties have decided to encourage their children to participate in music competitions for peace . This music for peace project for the benefit of two communities in conflict will have a positive impact in the future because change is brought to the local community