Food Safety

In July, the Consortium began the second year of a pilot project for the multiplication of agricultural seeds for the benefit of vulnerable women farmers in the town of Uvira . 1 hectare of contracted fields is available in Kahorohoro at Km 7 in Uvira , cultivated and sowing corn, beans and peanuts. Objective is to support vulnerable women farmers with agricultural seeds, and fight against food insecurity in the territory and city of Uvira . 20 households of women farmers and 15 groups of POs (Farmers' Organization) benefited from seeds for the activities of the new season. We supported the economic and nutritional recovery project for women small traders and farmers living in Uvira . Note that 21 women small traders and farmers were identified, trained on the capacity of AGRs (Revenue Generating Activity) and divided into 2 groups which are supervised by a female leader. Women have benefited from support equivalent to 50,000 FC/25 USD to strengthen IGAs . These projects have a positive impact for women and farmers in the local community of Uvira and require additional support in the coming years to extend their activities to other villages in the said territory.