Trauma Healing

In January, an escalation of armed violence in Fizi territory and intense armed conflicts and targeted attacks against civilians forced thousands of people to flee their homes and worsened already critical humanitarian needs. The Consortium has responded to the specific needs of displaced people and their host communities through assistance to war refugees in the project to improve the socio-economic conditions of war displaced people in Baraka/DRC. Throughout the year, our teams provided psychological assistance to thousands of victims of sexual violence in the Fizi territory affected by conflicts, we carried out awareness workshops on Gender-Based Violence (GBV). in the village of Sebele and other similar activities in Kamenge in Burundi. A capacity building workshop on gender-based discrimination, fight against sexual violence and impunity in schools was carried out in Lubumbashi/DRC. Since January 2023, we have supervised young mothers in cutting and sewing training as part of the socio-economic reintegration of traumatized people in Bukavu/DRC. We have increased the materials in the workshop, particularly sewing machines and loincloths, to better adapt to learners. Please note that we still need other machines for improvement. We visited the camps for victims of the flood of May 4, 2023 in Nyamukubi and Bushushu , in Kalehe territory in South Kivu with the aim of empathizing with the victims of the fire with a view to rebuilding broken hearts and studying the current humanitarian situation with a view to continuing to plead their cases. 5 flood victim camps were visited.